Randal Park CDD

Q: What is a Community Development District (“CDD”)?

A: A CDD is a governmental entity created to serve the long-term specific needs of its community.  Created pursuant to Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes, a CDD’s main powers are to plan, finance, construct, operate and maintain community-wide infrastructure and services specifically for the benefits of its residents.

Q: What does the Randal Park CDD do?

A: The Randal Park CDD offers its residents a broad range of community-related services and infrastructure to help ensure a high quality of life.  The CDD responsibilities within our community include landscape and common area maintenance of the stormwater system and operation and maintenance of the recreation facilities including Randal House.  You can find a detailed list within the budget.  The proposed Fiscal Year 2015 budget can be found under the Resources Tab, Randal Park Community Development District.

Q: How do CDDs operate?

A:  The CDD is governed by its Board of Supervisors, which are elected initially by the landowners, then begins transitioning to residents of the CDD after 6 years of operation or once the district reaches 250 registered voters.  Like all municipal, county, state, and national elections, the Office of the Supervisor of Elections oversees the election process, and CDD Supervisors are subject to state ethics and financial disclosure laws.

The CDD’s business is conducted in the “Sunshine,” which means all meetings and records are open to the public.  Public hearings are held to adopt the annual budget and the CDD is required to have an annual independent audit.

Q:  Who is the current Board of Supervisors for the CDD and when do their terms expire?

A:The current Board of Supervisors for the CDD is currently comprised of five (5) members.  Keith Trace is the Chairman, term expires 11/2020, Chuck Bell is the Vice Chairman, term expires 11/2022, Thomas Franklin is the Assistant Secretary, term expires 11/2020 Katie Steuck is the Assistant Secretary, term expires 11/2022 and Stephany Corlenius is the Assistant Secretary, term expires 11/2022.

Q: Are CDD Board Meetings open to all residents? If so, where and when are they held?

A: Yes. Notice of the time and place of any regular board meeting will be noted in the community newsletter, or accessed online on the Calendar page.  They will be held at Randal House Clubhouse until further notice.


Q: What is the CDDs relationship with the Residential Property Owners’ Association (“RPOA”)?

A: The CDD complements the responsibilities of the RPOA.  Many of the maintenance functions handled by these associations in other communities are handled by the CDD in Randal Park.  However, the RPOA has other responsibilities such as ensuring that deed restrictions and other quality standards are enforced.